Tuesday, May 3, 2011

.. In - Out..

There's someone  resigned again from the office. Dunno what to say. Many people came in and came out.. what happen actually ? The main reason mostly, just want to find another opportunity and of course better salary in somewhere else. I also can do that. yes I can do that. But not now. Or I won't.

In here I already found some comfort zone. Even somestimes can't hardly understand with my boss hihihi... Suddenly he can be nice and suddenly he can be sooooooo annoying. But that's the uniquely of him. The most important thing is he knows well that I have a baby. So he'll not asked me to work overtime. I just dont want go home late. That's enough for me now, even I know I can get better salary in some place. But I didn't chase it. At least for now.

I'm happy with my job now. With flexible time and less presure compared to my previous job. so... I think I will stay more here for next couple years. Until  be ready again for more chalenges.
hiyaaaaaaaa, semangaaatt :D

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