Tuesday, July 5, 2011

..My life recently..

wew...  it's been 2 weeks i've no updated my blog. what's new in my life now..?? many things around my head now... 

About my  family..well, Radit just went 9 months. He amazed me everyday. I adore him so much. He woke me up every morning with his little hands crawling in my face. His laugh so cheerful, makes me wanna go home and hug him tightly. I looove watching him when he sleep in my arms. So in love with him. Really. I mean it. Just not because he is my son. But every people who knows him, must be said.. radit is adorable baby... ^^  I'm so gratefull to have him.

My relationship with my husband also in a good way, the key is communication. Sounds cliche but trust me it works. Everything should be communicate with spouse. When I felt so tired to do house hold, I asked him to help me, even sometimes misunderstanding cannot be avoided. It's a common in the marriage life. Now our togetherness already 1 year and a half, and still have long journey. Hopefully until death do us apart... :D

My works, also in good rail. I'm so thankfull for this condition. I can go home at 5, since I have a baby waited me at home. More manageable time in works now. God... I always thanks for the bless I have until today. Every second is blessing from you..

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