Wednesday, February 18, 2015

..Liebster Award..

ooyeaaaahhh Liebster award is coming again.. :D
Actually I'm honored to received this award, but if I should write the facts about my self and should answer 11 weird questions from Dani... hmm... I think I will slap him hardly, huahahaha.. just kidding Dan.. :D
Ok, according to the rules of this award, I will do one by one then. Firstly, I will define my self randomly. Here are the facts :
  • Love ice cream very much
  • Obsessed to gain my weight a bit more, but always failed T____T
  • Traffic jam hater
  • Instagram lover
  • Crazily in love to see great design interiors
  • Big fan of Bonjovi, I wish they will perform again in here !
  • Always miss my kids when I work at the office
  • Efficient is my middle name, hahahaha ;p
  • Never interesting to jewelry actually, I don't know why.. I just wearing my wedding ring and earrings for sure
  • Try to cook more often for my family
  • shoes and skincare are my weakness ;p

And the next.... answering 11 curious questions :
1. Fortune or Fame? (No you can't have them both!)
Well, I definitely will choose Fortune. Fortune will make your life easier. That's it.

2. Being cold in a pouring rain or sweating hot in a dessert?
I love rain, so I prefer being cold in a pouring rain, then having a cup of hot tea after that :D

3. Windows or Apple computer? (and why?)
Windows !! simply..because I don't have Apple computer, so I don't know how to compare, hahaha 

4. Caffe latte or green tea latte?
Green tea latte. Starbucks is the best one for green tea latte.

5. What kind of boss you will make of yourself?
Care boss (ada ga bahasa inggrisnya care bos? :D) ya you know, being care to the employee is important. 

6. Getting paid any salary you want or make any decision for your own company? (yes, of course, why?)
I will answer being the first one. Why ? because you don't have to worry about anything, like cash flow, targets, etc. You just work based on your job desc and get well paid of it *as shallow as sounds to be* :D

7. Say someone you admire to the moon and back called you, what will be your opening line and your conversation about and who is she/he?
hmm...sapose ya??? can I pass this question? coz, I don't think that I have someone I admire, except my husband..#eaaaaa #mujimuji #lagi ada maunya  

8. Book that you will recommend to your friends and if necessary you but for them?
Lately I seldom to read the book. The latest books I read were trilogy of Fifty Shades of Grey...hihihihi 
I don't think whether I will recommend those books or not. But for me, not bad laaah...

9. Describe yourself in 7 words.
Cranky when hungry, impatient, accurate, smart, lovable, calm, sweet #mujidirisendiri 

10. Driver seat or passenger seat?
Since I got pregnant and then delivered the baby, I choose to be a sweet passenger only.. :D (kalo matic, masih mau kadang2 nyetir) 

11. Sugar's sweetness or bitter melon (pare)'s bitterness?
Believe it or not, I will choose bitter melon. I'm not eager something sweet like sugar. I will choose savory meals than sweet meals. But since I have to choose sugar's sweetness or bitter melon, definitely I prefer bitter melon. Pare is really good for ASI booster, anyway ;)) 

Done ya Daniii !! #tempel_koyo_dikepala


  1. Hahahahaha. Love to read them Desiiii. Great post. Now I know to serve you a bitter mellon juice rather than a sweet cold ice tea. Haha.

    1. hihihihi beneran yaakkk...lo jusin gue pare... ntar gue tenggak dah :D

  2. love ice cream very much.... nyam nyam nyam

  3. Kayaknya kalau cranky when hungry ituu aku banget hihiii

  4. mbak dessss, sini tak transfer lemak :D :D

  5. Hahahahaha...mudah2an yg lagi jadi maunya dipahami pak Dedi ya Des :D

  6. Ice cream? ilike this..
    Happy Blogging!

  7. Replies
    1. iya mba...udah lama banget suka ama lagu2nya...dan pengen deh mereka konser disini...

  8. Desiii.. Sombong desiii... Yg lain pengen kurus, dia malah pengen gemuk.. Somboong...
    *dijejelin kukis*

    Toss dulu atuhh.. Kalo laper cranky.. Dan galak sih kalo aku... :)))

    1. wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk.....beneran loh iniiiii..susyaaahh Mumuuuttt...;p

      yess kayaknya ga orangtua atau anak2, kalo laper pasti crancky yaak..:D


  9. Ngakak baca komen Mumut, emang tuh Desi sombong bgt pengin gemuk disaat org lain pengin kurus :D

    Btw udh mendeklarasikan diri sbg mak efficient yaaa? Hohoho... :p

    1. hahahaha sunguuuhh maaakk...beneran dah... *tenggak susu appeton weight gain* :D

      etapi kalo soal effiecient, kayaknya gue kalah deh ama mamah Etty ...hihihihi

  10. Waduh, apa tukeran BB aja kita, ya? hehehe

    1. hihihihi boleeeh mak Myr..transfer ke aku sinihhh... :D

  11. Dr dlu slalu sirik sm lu.. Dmn org2 susah kurus, lu malah susah gemuk coba *kirim kukis ke Desi pakein obat gemuk skalian*

    1. Naahhhh ituuuuu... mangkanya maaak..gue juga heraaan....*ngemil kukis* :D

  12. Mba Desiii itu nantangin banget yaaa pingin gemuknya. Hahahaha xD. sini Mba, gaul sama ekkeh aja

    1. yuuukkkk mak ajakin makan2 yaakk...hihihi ;p

  13. hahahahah mbak sini aku bagi berat badankuuu :D

    bon jovi masih eksis kaahh?
    kayanya rock jambi udah pada nggak eksis lagi yak. kadang ini membuat saya sedih


    1. Udah ga seeksis dulu sih mbaa..apalagi pas Richie Sambora keluar..huhuhu

  14. Deeees...
    Sebelum tercemar dengan Kpop, aku juga fans beratnya Bon Jovi lhooooo...bhuahahaha...
    Dia ini semakin bertambah usia kelihatan makin tampan aja deh yah, suka!

    Dan aduh..fifty shades of gray itu...aduh, ehm, gimana yaaaah...
    ya udah deh mau baca ulang dulu aja biar inget jalan ceritanya...bhuahahaha...

    1. toss atuh teeeehhh...;))

      hahaha seruuuu kan yaa teeh..apalagi udah dipelemin segala...jadi penasaran bnget pengen liyaaattt....;p

  15. Mau lemak saya gak. Ini ngurusin gak bisa2. Klop kan tuh.

    Masih belum bikin yang ini dari Dani. Hiks.

    1. hahaha boleeeh looh ditransfer sinih...
      ayoo bikiinn.... :D

  16. Banyak yang sukak green tea ya.. Aku sih kurang. :P *emang dasar ngga boleh minum teh aja*